The Grange

This past Friday night my parents and I took the kids to the Grange Fair in Wrightstown. This is a fair that we used to frequent annually when I was a kid as well. Andy had an alumni soccer event for his high school soccer team and so he missed all the fun. I'm not being sarcastic we really did have a lot of fun.

The McCays met us there, so of course Kendall was so pleased to have her buddies, the twins with her.

Kendall and Ethan LOVE animals. I mean above all else. If you were to put candy in front of them or a dog, I am not kidding my kids would go for the dog. This was Ethan's first time at the Grange Fair, and of course Kendall didn't remember last year, or so I thought. As we were driving down to my parents to go, Kendall says to me, 'Mommy, I gonna ride the pony, o.k.?', which is what we did last year.
So we get there and Ethan could barely contain his excitement when he saw the first baby goat. Every part of his body was shaking with enthusiasm as he ran up to the pen. He loved every second of it. He moo'd at cows, hopped in front of bunnies, and screamed at the pig races. Kendall also enjoyed all the animals and found out where milk comes from. I had told her that it had come from cows before but to actually see where the milk is kept was an experience for her. She just stared in silence at the udders, and then goes, 'why, mommy?'
Kendall also got to ride a pony with Brynn and Molly. Her pony was named Sparky. The look on her face as she went in the circle was sheer pride. When the ride came to an end and she was lifted off of Sparky her world crashed around her and she cried and cried and begged to get back on, my Dad was ready to put her back on and I quickly diverted to another event...funnel cake.

We love to get funnel cake at fairs. On the ride there I told Kendall we were going to get funnel cake and she was said, 'I not have any of that.' I told her she would love it. And so when the plate and some lemonade were placed in front of her, her eyes popped out of her head. A massive swirly donut it must have resembled to her bc she dug right in...and our resident food eating contestant Ethan joined right in.

She of course ate next to Molly and Brynn and they had their own funnel cake extravaganza!

We then walked off some of the greasy and fatty sugar coated bliss and then listened to an Elvis impersonator that the kids loved to dance to. Well my kids will dance to anything, it is one of their favorite things to do, so even a silly man trying to sing like Elvis will do.

Then off to the rides. I had forgotten how crazy carnival/fair rides are. I mean they look as if they might fall apart and send people flying to their death at any moment. But for some reason I gave no second thought to sending Kendall on a Merry Go Round. I then decided to go on with her, and would sit with E on the little bench that goes around. E then decided he would go on a horse before it began to spin. And spin it did. Ethan grasped on to me so tightly as it spun around and around and insisted upon me holding him. So as I attempt to get him off the horse and keep my balance at the same time, I envision myself flying off. I grab on to him and then I am stuck holding on to the tail of this metal horse that is going up and down for dear life. I honestly thought that if we spun anymore it would start to take flight. Thinking that was it for Kendall, as we are exiting the Merry Go Round of death, she looks at the Ferris Wheel and says, 'I want to go on that Mommy.' Yeah right. And then she looks to the right and sees that swinging boat and asks to go on that. Does this child have any fear what so ever?

After Aidan & Ashley go on the Scrambler that must have scrambled their brains like eggs, we headed over to the kiddie rides. Wouldn't you know what Kendall ran to right away...yes, the roller coaster. Albeit, it is a kiddie roller coaster but generally not for 2 year olds, she didn't even meet the height requirement, but Aidan volunteered to go with her, and the girl bent the rules. Like Aidan could save her if she were to fly out, but what is the likelihood of that happening?;)

So to get her ready for this ride, we sent them on the jeeps that go around in the circle, as you can see by Kendall's face, this ride held no level of excitement for her. She is always after a thrill. So to the roller coaster. We got them in and it took off, as it whipped around the corner Kendall's mouth popped open in that astonished way that could induce tears or laughter, I thought for sure she was about it cry when she began to scream and laugh. Amy thought for sure Molly was also going to scream to come off, but as they rounded the second bend to go down a slight hill, her arms went up in the air as if she were on the Great American Scream Machine having the time of her life.

Thus ends another year at the fair with fun and laughter amongst everyone.

However, we were really upset and offended by the sheep's Halloween Costumes this year...

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