Worth Mentioning...

There are moments in my world of mommydom where I do get great free moments. I love them just as much as I love the time being silly with my kids and playing...all...day...long. As they are getting older I am getting more of these moments, perfect birth control. Right now as I type I have them in the basement locked away in a cage. No, they are in the basement playing in their play land. I have the door open and have got each toy and its sound down to a science. Right now Ethan is pushing around the shopping cart and Kendall is setting the table for tea. This area is a pretty much safe zone for them and when the noise stops I know that they are up to something. I usually leave them down there for 20-30 minutes of non mommy play each day, and they are doing quite well at it. It typically ends in a fight, but what siblings don't?

Point of blog, I find it worth mentioning websites sometimes. My new favorite, http://www.etsy.com. It is all handmade things by super creative people, my competition to some extent, but just the same they have some really awesome things that are worth a gander. These types of things are right up my alley and I would much rather a gift from something like this. So if you have a free moment, check it out.


  1. i bought anna a doll on etsy - love that site.

  2. ..oh, and you said "my competition"...are you selling anything?