Our Yearly Visit Came & Went...So Sad

My Uncle Steve, Aunt Eileen, cousins Kaitlyn & Carson live out west, Driggs Idaho to be exact. For those that can't place it, it is on the flip side of the Great Tetons, on the other side, a mountain pass drive away is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

One summer my family, or should I say my dad, decided to try and move us there. A modern day Oregon Trail. We drove my dad's extended cab pickup with a trailer attached across the United States. I sat in the cab, with a cap, obviously, with the dog, miserable as all get out. I don't think I spoke to anyone until South Dakota, and that was to complain that the dog's breath was getting worse by the minute and that I was going to throw her out the back if she didn't sit up front for a little bit.

Now you tell me how a family that is so close to their extended family that we might as well all live together can survive without them? Not only that, my cat, Fat Sue, was left behind. So much to my father's dismay, we moved back. Same house, same school, same friends, I was 15 and so grateful.
Now when we go to visit I conjure up ways in my mind of how we too can move out there. But of course the whole family would have to come, I can't afford to visit every 3 months. But the crunchiness of it appeals to me now that I have kids.

Lesson learned.

So each year, the family comes to visit, it is usually right around the same time each year, and every other year they come to the Outer Banks with us. Usually every other year, my parents go to visit and ski. I took Andy there one summer when we were childless and we explored Yellowstone and adventures with my Uncle Steve. Eventually the 4 of us will go, its still a little advanced for the kids to really get it. I would like to take Andy in the winter to ski.
So their annual visit came, although Uncle Steve didn't come, he had work commitments, but Mom Mom went back with them to stay for two weeks and visit with her boy.
Kendall loved visiting with her cousins. Kate is 7 and Carson is 3. She was able to spend a day and a half with them, since they also had to visit with Aunt Eileen's family. The day's with them were spent at Mom Mom & Pop Pop's farm and I think Kendall showed them everything there is to do there in an 8 hour day, exhausting everyone.

None the less, it is always good to see them, and have fun with them. We miss them when they go.

Log Cabin Tea House is always something Kendall has to do at the farm with Mom Mom Mom's fancy tea sets in dress ups.

Mademoiselle Fink in her tea attire best.

Getting ready in the wagon with Kate & Carson. (if you notice Kaitlyn decided to give her bangs a trim for the big trip east) This is Kendall's first ride in the wagon, all other times she has screamed, "NOOO!", when offered.She must have wanted to seem brave in front of her cousins.

The crazy 72 year old, white haired driver....HOLD ON TIGHT!

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