Our Party Planning Success

So my sisters and I planned a wedding shower for our cousin, Ashley, who's wedding we are all in on October 4th. I must say, that the shower, was a success, we do know how to throw a party. I think we may have a business on our hands, I just have to convince the two of them. However, I broke a few of my own rules in the planning part, and those I will never ever stray from again:

1. If you know how to plan the party and you know you can do it the best, just do it

2. When enlisting people to help, make sure they are reliable. In the future, I will go no further than my family to bring items, everyone else is incompetent.

3. Do not care about stepping on anyone else's toes, the recipient of the party does not care about anything other then the fact that it was a beautiful affair, all about them.

We made the favors, by hand, which I loved. Although they took about 30 some hours to do, they were really pretty hand decorated cookies that we configured ourselves, cutting apart cookie cutters, and using paring knives to get them in the shapes we wanted. Thanks again, Wilton for providing all the fun accessories that were used to decorate them. My kids even got in on the cookie baking process. Ethan assisted his Aunt Michelle by 'tossing', ok chucking the cookie cutters at her. And Kendall carefully added all the ingredients to the mixing bowl as our resident pastry chef apprentice. They also were our resident cookie samplers. Because if you didn't know this already, there is no avoiding helpful toddler hands when you do this kind of fun stuff during the day.

I made the invites, my sisters did the designning of the decorations, and we all put it together.

I won't give away any of our party planning secrets, because then well, you wouldn't need us, now would you?

The Bride & her rehearsal bouquet

Kendall and the Flower Girls

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